Jaguar xk140 Car First Look

Awesome car !! Jaguar xk140 car is very beautiful car. Classical style, and beautiful design, Jaguar XK140 is beauty. I love this car, i mean i'm a Jaguar xk140 Car First Look lover !! That the reason why i make this Jaguar XK140 blog. Ok let read little story from Jaguar XK140

Jaguar XK140 is a sports car class and manufactured by Jaguar. Jaguar XK140 made between 1954 and 1957, the first variant is XK120, after xk120, Jaguar launched XK140. The Jaguar XK140 success from XK120, and then Jaguar XK140 upgrades included better brakes, rack and pinion steering, Jaguar's increased suspension travel and modern tube type shock absorbers instead of the older lever arm design.

Here is some basic from Jaguar XK140 Car
Manufacturer : Jaguar Cars
Production : 1954–1957
Predecessor : Jaguar XK120
Successor : Jaguar XK150
Class : Sports car
Body style(s) : 2-seat roadster
2-seat convertible
2-seat coupé
Layout FR layout

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